Ruddigore 2017

RDG_audition poster SM


Robin Oakapple has a terrible secret.  To all appearances, he is a shy farmer hoping to win the hand of the beautiful Rose Maybud.  But in fact, he is the rightful Baronet of Ruddigore hiding in disguise while his younger brother, Sir Despard, bears the title and the curse that accompanies it.

Robin’s foster brother, Richard, seeking Rose for himself, tells Despard about Robin’s deception, and Despard transfers the curse back to Robin.  Thus discovered, Robin must take on the responsibility of committing a crime every day in order to appease the “Witch’s Curse”.  The Ghosts of his ancestors appear to force Robin to respect this responsibility or perish in agony. In contrast, Despard must learn to live a blameless life and starts by marrying Mad Margaret, a woman driven insane by her love for the bad baronet.  Exhausted by his new life of crime, Robin must find a way back to the peaceful life he loves – but how?


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