Show Dates:

President: Robert Schaap
Stage Director: Josie Arcobelli
Assistant Stage Director: Daveen Garland
Musical Director: Marian Siminski
Set Design: Jean-Claude Olivier

Dramatis Personae

Major-General Stanley Cameron Black
The Pirate King Simon Côté
Samuel (his Lieutenant) Robert Schaap
Frederic (a Pirate Apprentice) J.R. Gonzalez
Sergeant of Police Larry Bertoia
Mabel (Ward of the Major-General) Sarah Thorpe
Edith (Ward of the Major-General) Colleen St. James
Kate (Ward of the Major-General) Fiona Chandler
Isabel (Ward of the Major-General) Lindsay McLeod
Ruth (a Piratical Maid-of-all-Work) Annika Schaap

Chorus of General Stanley's Wards

Susan Adams, Anne Bergeron, Stefania Bertrand, Connie Brown, Rachel Buchanan, Sandra Buchanan, Robyn Bunch, Heather Côté, Julie Grammond, Holly Harris, Carol Johansen, Heather Lewis , Christina Simpson, Jane Tomlinson

Chorus of Pirates and Police

Beverley Baxter, Sally Berdebes, Paul Cannell, Steve Gailey, Peter Garland, John Jacques, David Johansen, Lars Lih, Philip Magder, Dawn Manhertz, Douglas Murphy, Andrew Nicholson, Doug Nicholson, Doug Nicholson, Ian Temple


Lars Lih (Major-General Stanley), Doug Nicholson (Samuel), Steve Gailey (Sergeant of Police), Heather Lewis (Mabel), Julie Grammond (Edith), Stefania Bertrand (Kate), Heather Côté (Isabel), Colleen St. James (Ruth)
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1. It was through an error.jpg
10. Poor wandering one.JPG
11. Did ever maiden wake.JPG
12. Here's a first-rate opportunity.JPG
13. We'd better pause.JPG
14. Yes yes I am a Major-General.JPG
15. In short in matters vegetable....JPG
16. Oh, men of dark and dismal fate.JPG
17. Hail Poetry.JPG
18. Dear father, why leave your bed.JPG
19. The chaperones.JPG
2. I was a stupid nursery maid.JPG
20. Let your escort lion-hearted.JPG
21. Tarantara.JPG
22. Go and do your best endeavour.JPG
23. And so I will be merciful.JPG
23. Tonight the traitor dies.JPG
24. A terrible disclosure has just been made.JPG
25. When a felon's not engaged.JPG
26. With cat-like tread.JPG
27. Sighing softly to the river.JPG
28. Yet the breeze is but a rover.JPG
29. Now what is this.JPG
3. We don't seem to make piracy pay.JPG
30. For death prepare.JPG
31. We yield at once.JPG
32. Poor wandering ones.JPG
33. Take heart.JPG
34. Full company 2015.JPG
4. For I am a Pirate King!.JPG
5. I have a slight cold.JPG
6. Far away from toil and care.JPG
7. Let us gaily tread the measure.JPG
8. We are quite alone....JPG
9. Is there not one maiden here.JPG