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Lakeside Academy

5050 Rue Sherbrooke, Lachine, QC H8T 1H8

President: Cameron Black
Stage Director: Coralie Heiler
Musical Director: Marian Siminski
Set Design: Jean-Claude Olivier

Dramatis Personae

Duke of Plaza-Toro (A Grandee of Spain) Cameron Black
Luiz (his Attendant) Talib Hussain
Don Alhambra del Bolero (The Grand Inquisitor) Peter Blair
Marco Palmieri (Venetian Gondolier) Christopher Leung
Giuseppe Palmieri(Venetian Gondolier) Daniel Benjamin Miller
Antonio (Venetian Gondolier) Bruno Cognyl-Fournier
Francesco (Venetian Gondolier) Martin Fairbank
Giorgio (Venetian Gondolier) Andrew McLennan
Annibale (Venetian Gondolier) Georges Turner
The Duchess of Plaza-Toro Jay Marchand-Knight
Casilda (her daughter) Heather Lewis
Gianetta (Contadine) Sarah Thorpe
Tessa (Contadine) Mia Guénette
Fiametta (Contadine) Tanya Robinson
Vittoria (Contadine) Melinda Platte
Giulia (Contadine) Heather Côté
Inez (The King's Foster-Mother) Jane Tomlinson

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