Thank you all for coming to our show!
LLO presents Gilbert and Sullivans Patience

Reginald Bunthorne, a moody poet, has won the hearts of all the ladies except for Patience, the simple milkmaid whom he adores. The ladies’ former lovers – a platoon of Dragoon Guards – fume with jealousy. Into this muddle of unrequited love walks Grosvenor, a rival poet who immediately captures the heart of young Patience. But Patience’s peculiar views on unselfish love prevent her from accepting Grosvenor; instead, she reluctantly accepts Bunthorne’s suit. The spurned lovers all rush off to adopt new personalities in a mad attempt to re-capture the hearts of those they love. In this rollicking satire of Victorian propriety and Aesthetic “hippies”, the losers are those who blindly follow the flavour of the day, while the winners are those sitting in the audience!


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